Saturday, April 30, 2011

Joe Fresh Jade

Super quick post for today.

Jade is a slightly muted forest green creme. Apologies for the bubbles. I was at the end of my bottle of poshe. It almost seems like I'm always at the end of my bottle. *Sigh*

Two coats with topcoat. No application issues.

For anyone down in the States who might be interested in Joe Fresh, you'll be happy to hear they're opening their first store south of the border. So far just in New York. But they've got big plans.

Pic of the Moment: My coworkers gave me this tshirt for my Birthday. Absolutely hilarious. They wrote their names on the peeps. The middle one is Gladys written upside down.

Monday, April 25, 2011

OPI Dating a Royal

Dating a Royal is a medium blue creme. I love this purely for the simple beauty of the colour. I love cremes. Actually, I think I'm an equal opportunity finish lover. Except for bar glitter, just never liked bar glitter.

Three coats without topcoat. I needed the third coat because of some mistakes, but it's fine as two coats. I did find the formula runny though.

"Nail Art" of the Moment: One of my favourite combinations for Dating a Royal is to put a coat of Essie Amalfi on top of it. Amalfi is a sheer gold and I love how when you look at the combination head on, you see gold, but its still blue. You could probably get the same result if you tried it with China Glaze White Cap. Although this time around, I was craving simple and I wish I had left Dating a Royal as is without modification.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sally Hansen Jade with Canmake #17

This was what I wore on my Birthday. This is the Canmake glitter again over top of Sally Hansen Jade. Oh I love this glitter. So fun. I've totally got a case of lobster fingers going on here, but that was just because of the low light, I believe. The glitter pops ever so well out of direct light. *Sigh* So awesome. I like it so much I've worn it for two manicures now.

Two coats of Jade, one coat of glitter, and one coat of topcoat. No issues with any application.

Pic of the Moment: Oh the cuuuuuute. I must share.

You can read the article about these two and see more pictures by clicking the picture.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Nubar Moon Shadow

AR Blac's pick. Who also happened to have bought this for me. Thankya, dear.

Moon Shadow is a medium purple/golden brown duochrome with darkened edges. Nubar knows how to do duochromes.

Three coats with topcoat. Application was very smooth. And at two coats I had full coverage, but for full depth of colour, three coats was best.

Random Story of the Moment: So up in Canada we have this huge donut and coffee chain called Tim Hortons. It's a bit culty up here because 1) it was started by a hockey player, 2) it's Canadian so we hold it dear to us. Tim Hortons was what I survived on during university. If I can remember correctly, there were three of them at school. I consumed copious amounts of their coffee (usually I drank a double double, which is a shortened form of double sugar, double cream or something called an Iced Capp which was really just syrup and cream) and baked goods (lots of bagels and cream cheese and chicken salad sandwiches). The amount I consumed was disgusting and I gained so much weight. I also think I may have overdosed on it because I rarely have it now.

But onto my story. Some time during my university career there was sudden talk of a coffee called a Gretzky. Nine cream. Nine sugar. For those not familiar with hockey, 99 was the number Wayne Gretzky wore. So of course, I had to try this. Now that I think back on it, I'm pretty sure my decision making ability was completely impaired by lack of sleep.

Oh was the Gretzky ever awful. I remember when I ordered it, they had no idea what it was, so I had to tell them. And then when they finished making it, the girl asked me if I wanted her to put it in the microwave to warm it. I was like why would you need it nuked, isn't the coffee warm? Turns out the majority of it was cold cream and sugar. Oh my goodness, it was like a cup of cream and sugar with coffee as a very minor flavouring. The first sip actually wasn't too bad because it was like very sweet cream, but each sip after got worse and worse. Especially since a lot of the sugar didn't dissolve so ended up on the bottom of the cup. It's one of those things that I look back on and I just wonder why.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nfu-Oh 556 with Canmake #17

jbrobeck's pick. Well, technically, she picked the base, and then I ended up smudging the heck out of the mani when I was doing cleanup before the glitter so there's no pic of 556 alone. Sorry Madame jbrobeck.

This is the awesomest mani evar. Hahaha. 556 is an indigo creme. I found it a bit boring by itself so I slapped a coat of the glitter top coat that my friend Stacey sent me from Japan. Which has no name, but I'm going to assume the number is 17 because that's what's on the back. The glitter is composed of small round green glitter, medium round orange glitter, and large hex iridescent glitter. I couldn't properly capture it, but in real life, the glitter just pops against the dark indigo polish that is 556. I also apologize for the sad and sorry state of my hands. This was taken right after I had been working in a gross and dry warehouse.

Three coats of 556, one coat glitter, and one coat topcoat. 556 required three coats for full opacity. I also had issues with application. I have no idea why, but it just wouldn't go where I wanted it to. I ended up doing a lot of clean up around the cuticle, something I usually don't bother with because most mistakes are minor. But not this time. Maybe I was just having a "speshul" sort of day. The glitter applied well. Good even coverage.

Pic of the Moment: This is a closeup of a bow I made for a present I wrapped for a friend years ago. I was really happy with the way it turned out and dubbed it the golden gift.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Revlon Not So Blueberry

So I know I'm totally overly scent sensitive. I don't wear perfume or use fabric softener for this reason. I just can't stand the scent. And I hate women who wear too much perfume. Same goes for men. Small spritz is good. Please do not bathe in it. I also can't stand scented polish. But I had to buy this one because it was so pretty. I might regret it, but darn, is it ever pretty.

Not So Blueberry is a light purple/blue duochrome with pretty blue and purple shimmer. Lovely. Sadly, I can't pull off light colours like this. I end up with a case of lobster hands. The scent is also quite strong. That first day, I could smell it even while I was typing, but the strength decreases quickly after the first day. Anyhow, my pictures turned out way too blue. The polish is purple when you're looking at it head on and is blue on the edges or at an angle. In the second pic the pinky is probably the most accurate.

Two coats with topcoat. Really good application. I was surprised how thin the brush was, but it was easy to control and applied well.

Pic of the Moment: Not much else to share for today. So... Have some cute foxie. I think the colouring in this picture matches the nail polish.