Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carlo Di Roma Pure 11

Heather's pick.

I always feel like I'm one of the only people in the world who like sheers. I just think they're so pretty. Well, the sparkly ones. 11 is a sheer pink polish with silver microglitter that flashes that lovely green and pink. I have pictures of the polish at one and two coats.

The bling-age increases at two coats.

Application was smooth. No major issues to report.

Pics of the Moment: My dad and I like to take walks in a ravine near our house. I have to admit, we're really lucky to have this green space so near our house. If you've been following me for a year or so, you've probably seen the various pictures I've taken of the area. So have some more! We saw some deer on our walk.

First we glimpsed.

Then we spotted this little guy trying to hide.

And then we were like, hey, where'd you come from?

Then we rounded the corner and went wow, this is so nice. So I snapped a pic.


  1. That's a nice view!

    I know I'm not fond of sheers on their own because my nail line isn't nice and even like yours, also I wear enough dark/bright colors that I have staining, even with basecoat. It does look really pretty on you, though, and I'd totally use that color for layering!

  2. What a lovely polish! So delicate and pretty!
    My pick- rescue beauty launge- cathrine h.
    Annie :)

  3. p.s: your nails are SO pretty!

  4. Love it! now i want this color!


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