Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nfu-Oh 558

Deep blue jelly-creme. I would say it's almost a jelly, but stays within the realm of creme. I really love this colour. Reminds me of the darkest part of the ocean. Also reminds me of Nicole by OPI In Your Hands, but more creme than jelly. Anyway, it didn't look this bad in real life. Sorry for the bad swatch.

Two coats with topcoat. I have a feeling this one is going to stain when I take it off, judging by my cuticles. So, highly pigmented. But slightly goopy formula. That could just be because my bottle is old though. Ended up with bald spots despite how dark it is. Probably because I'm lazy and never wait for one coat to dry before putting on the next.

Pic of the Moment: This is more of a shoutout for StBFF. She's got midterms right now so I just wanted to wish her good luck.


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