Friday, October 28, 2011

Sally Hansen Commander in Chic

Oh man, my arms feel like jelly. I'm so out of snow shovelling shape. Everything is sore. Lol, so sad. Anyhoodle, onto origami's pick.

A mousy purple, brown, and grey creme. When it comes to cataloguing colours like this, I never know where to put them. I just know I love'em.

Two coats and topcoat. Perfect application. Blame the bubbles on the top coat. I even really liked the brush on this one. Contours nicely to the curve of my cuticles and just made it super easy to apply.

Pic of the Moment: So recently I got sucked in by the entity that is Pinterest. There are just so many awesome, beautiful, and glorious things on there. For anyone interested, check out my Pinterest here.

This is one of the things I found on Pinterest and wanted to share. So cute. So geeky. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carlo Di Roma Pure 11

Heather's pick.

I always feel like I'm one of the only people in the world who like sheers. I just think they're so pretty. Well, the sparkly ones. 11 is a sheer pink polish with silver microglitter that flashes that lovely green and pink. I have pictures of the polish at one and two coats.

The bling-age increases at two coats.

Application was smooth. No major issues to report.

Pics of the Moment: My dad and I like to take walks in a ravine near our house. I have to admit, we're really lucky to have this green space so near our house. If you've been following me for a year or so, you've probably seen the various pictures I've taken of the area. So have some more! We saw some deer on our walk.

First we glimpsed.

Then we spotted this little guy trying to hide.

And then we were like, hey, where'd you come from?

Then we rounded the corner and went wow, this is so nice. So I snapped a pic.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nfu-Oh 558

Deep blue jelly-creme. I would say it's almost a jelly, but stays within the realm of creme. I really love this colour. Reminds me of the darkest part of the ocean. Also reminds me of Nicole by OPI In Your Hands, but more creme than jelly. Anyway, it didn't look this bad in real life. Sorry for the bad swatch.

Two coats with topcoat. I have a feeling this one is going to stain when I take it off, judging by my cuticles. So, highly pigmented. But slightly goopy formula. That could just be because my bottle is old though. Ended up with bald spots despite how dark it is. Probably because I'm lazy and never wait for one coat to dry before putting on the next.

Pic of the Moment: This is more of a shoutout for StBFF. She's got midterms right now so I just wanted to wish her good luck.

Monday, October 17, 2011

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

origami's pick. By the way, I've run out of picks. So if you guys wouldn't mind, going up to my What I'm Wearing Next AKA Pick My Polish page and picking something for me to wear, I would be ever so grateful.

GGG is a light green creme. It's probably a pastel, but I dunno, doesn't feel that way to me. Right after finishing this mani, I smudged the heck out of it trying to get my bottle of black shatter open. I had a serious rage-out as it was such a pain to apply. I spent the better part of a half hour trying to get it perfect. There might have been some screaming involved.

Three coats no topcoat. Like I said, it was a pain to apply. Even at three coats it's not perfect.

Pic of the Moment:

WARNING. Graphic close-ups of dead mosquito ahead.

As some of you may know, I hate mosquitoes. Absolutely hate them with a passion. I can be a bit of a bleeding heart about killing things sometimes. Like accidentally stepping on earthworms after it's rained. But not mosquitoes. The only thing I'd feel bad about if I managed to annihilate all mosquitoes is that a lot of bats wouldn't have anything to eat.

So I will admit, I got a bit giddy at finding this mosquito dead on my windowsill. I may have cackled. Well, ok, I totally cackled. So I took some pictures because how often are you going to get a chance to get photos like this? Please excuse the dust, I swear, it only looks that bad because these are extreme close-ups.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

BECCA Billy Tea

Billy Tea is a brown taupe creme with minor grey and purple tones depending on the light. Definitely mousey. Really reminds me of delicious chocolate milk though. Especially since I like to water down my chocolate milk with white milk. Yum! And loving this colour. My pictures show it a little bit warmer than it actually is. But again, it changes colours depending on the lighting. Forgive my cuticles. I was baking before I did my nails so they were all sorts of dried out.

Two coats with topcoat. Applied like butter. Smooth and shiny. Definitely a fan of the formula.

Disclosure: Bought this polish with a sponsored gift card from

Food of the Moment: I was baking cinnamon apple oatmeal cookies before I did my nails. I'd post the recipe, but it's not perfected yet. I improvised these cookies because I had an apple pie craving. They turned out tasting really good, but the texture's off. They kinda fell apart on me. I have to tweak bake time and how much flour I need. But when the recipe's good, I'll post it for you guys.