Saturday, February 25, 2012

Color Club Nouveau Vintage

Ooooh. Perdy polish. Nouveau Vintage is a cozy brown polish with copper and green micro-glitter. Very unique. The green and copper definitely gives it a vintage feel. Like something old and tarnished. It also reminds me of gorgeous mahogany hair. If I could have any coloured hair, it would so be mahogany.

Two coats, no top coat. Good application. No issues.

Vid of the Moment: Funny that this polish is called Nouveau Vintage, you must all check out this amazing video. (My bad attempt at tying in this vid and the post. Lol.) I watched it four times and I still got misty on that last viewing. It's a story about a tractor. Please enjoy.

THE FLOOD from Juicy Studios on Vimeo.

And because of the attention this vid has gotten, the tractor isn't getting retired. *Tear* So. Touching.

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  1. I love Nouveau Vintage! It's such a pretty brown!


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