Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sally Hansen Lady Luck

I've added seven more polishes, courtesy of StBFF, to my Give Clean Water Giveaway. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should totally head over and give it a gander.

Lately, I've been really into glitters. Especially since instead of having remover take it off, I just wear enough coats that it pops off on its own. Lol. Seriously, glitter would be the perfect polish if not for removal.

Anyhow, Lady Luck is a clear polish with magenta glitter and larger holo hex glitter from the Sally Hansen Gem Crush collection. I really love the colour saturation of this one. Also, it's so glittery, I'm pretty sure I'm a hazard on the road. Today, on my way home from running some errands, after I got out of the car, I kinda stood on the road and admired my nails for a bit... Before I clued in that I was on a road. Good thing I live in a relatively quiet neighbourhood.

Three coats with topcoat and a clear spackle coat to try and reduce bumpiness. Colour built up well. The only issue I had with application with the large, thick, weirdly shaped brush. Just made it hard to get the polish where I wanted it.

of the Moment: A couple weeks ago I took this pic at work. Someone had requested an up close shot of the dash of a model we had of the Miss Canada IV Speed Boat. I just really like how the picture turned out. So check it out!

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